Roberta Perry Advice for Speakers

  I visited with Roberta Perry to gain knowledge and inspiration to assist Toastmasters Speakers Bureau participants.  Roberta is a former International Director of Toastmasters International. Watch and learn.

Interview with Jennifer Sparkle Johnson 4.6.17

Jennifer Sparkle Johnson, the award winning Coach of the Feminine Soul, specializes in teaching entrepreneurs, of all shapes and sizes, to go from hiding out to having the confidence that comes from being in alignment with who they really are. Her motto is, “You don’t have to be a size 6 to make six figures!” … [Read more…]

Debi Beebe Interview 3.30.17

Interview with Debi Beebe a successful health and fitness coach and MLM marketing expert. Debi discuses personal path towards building a successful MLM organization. Debi shares her views on setting standards and remembering to “get out of your own way” as key elements in building a pathway towards personal and business success. Debi shares her … [Read more…]