Who Needs A Business Coach?

Who Needs a Business Coach? 8 Indicators that the time has come to make the commitment This is an article that appeared in Forbes Magazine. If you are contemplating hiring a Business Coach I highly recommend reading the indicators of who needs make the commitment. I am certain that you will recognize yourself in the … [Read more…]

You Need an E-mail List

Do you question what you are doing? Do you wonder if your decisions make any sense?  Every time I go to the computer to look for answers for my questions, I end up down some rabbit hole. I wonder if where I am supposed to find the right answers.   I wonder if anyone will buy … [Read more…]

Innovation is a Necessity

Innovation – Inspiration – Implementation   It may seem to some that innovation is more of a luxury than a necessity. According to a recent Sage study, more than a third of small businesses advise that they are too swamped to spend time and effort focusing on new ideas. However, in today’s constantly changing business … [Read more…]

Communication Tips

The ability to effectively communicate on a consistent basis is vital to one’s progress and success. Without effective communication, you will find yourself at a disadvantage in maneuvering through the pathway towards controlling your desired outcomes. If you want to improve your communication skills for clarity and effectiveness, here are some useful suggestions for you … [Read more…]

Success Strategies

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS? We all need to develop success strategies to help us to get closer to acquisition of our goals. Where are you with respect to goal acquisition? I made a list of some helpful hints.   Find a Mentor Find your mentors among the people you know who are 10 steps ahead of … [Read more…]