Meg Adler, a graduate from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, is the founder of Meg Adler Professional Development and host of “Minding Your Business. She has a successful career in Sales and Marketing as well as a being distinguished teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Meg has combined her talents as a successful business owner, teacher and speaker to coach business clients. She partners with clients to identify barriers to their personal success, and develop strategies to effectively maneuver their path towards success.

With a specialty in effective communications, Meg engages salespeople, business leaders and entrepreneurial teams through workshops and business coaching in organizations large and small. She has worked with companies such as Speedo USA, Wells Fargo Bank, Special Olympics, and Orange County Transportation Authority. She has been featured as a presenter in Advanced Communication training workshops held at California Institute of Technology Pomona.

Meg created the “Minding Your Shop” webcast series in order to share stories of success and inspiration within the entrepreneurial community. Sharing the diverse life stories, skills, and talents from the select group of interviewees, listeners gain valuable lessons. “Minding Your Shop” highlights a wide range of successful life and business stories. If you are interested in being interviewed by Meg, you are encouraged to reach out to her on the Contact Page of this website. She is looking for business owners with a variety of specialties.

In addition to coaching, Meg volunteers assisting Special Olympic athletes develop as Ambassadors for the Special Olympic Program. She acts as a personal coach to improve the communication skills of the participants.  She has also held the office of President the Huntington Beach Speak N Lead Toastmaster International Chapter.  Meg is also an active member of several choral groups, one is performing on June 10, 2017, in Long Beach.