You Need an E-mail List

Do you question what you are doing? Do you wonder if your decisions make any sense?  Every time I go to the computer to look for answers for my questions, I end up down some rabbit hole. I wonder if where I am supposed to find the right answers.   I wonder if anyone will buy my products, if my solutions will help enough people.

Some fears are real, but there are some workable answers. Answers that could have money trickling into your bank account in the beginning.

What self-defeating beliefs do you have?

How to make a list

My husband and I had a sign shop, our mentors kept telling us to keep a list of all our contacts. But they warned us we shouldn’t buy a list, because if we didn’t have contact’s permission, we could be accused of spamming people.  Periodically we would  get emails from Africa ordering 100 banners. Was that Spam? This was all new to us.  We were afraid of hackers getting into our computers, so what we did was this:

Stopped asking people to sign up for our newsletter. This did not help our list building progress.

Then we were so scared about spam, we stopped sending our Newsletter. This all but completely killed that list.

What is Content Marketing?

They said we could use content marketing, so I have written several nice articles about marketing. If anyone had ever read them, I could say I had nice reviews. I could use them as free content. One person told me he enjoyed reading my newsletter.

No one has bought anything because of my articles.

What does all this mean and does it mean I have nothing of value to sell? No one will buy this?

No, it means I don’t know the right formula to build my list. I’ve been looking for years, and finally I found it.

I needed some tools

I need to learn to use Click Funnels, and Funnel Scripts. I can make ads to collect emails for my list.  I can buy some Facebook ads. They aren’t too expensive. I can start making some offers to make some money.


Haven’t you heard it for years, “Build your list by giving them something of value” I make a little money, HOW am I going to do that? I figured it out,  I  ask people interview with me so they could  tell me how to make money. Then I put it on my website. People started to tell me, they weren’t successful. I know I need an effective email list so I am still trying to build it.

My Suggestions

Here are a few of my suggestions for starting a blog/ list.

Use WordPress to build your website, you can use WordPress with GoDaddy.

Use Click Funnels ( to build your traffic. I am an affiliate.  You can do it cheaper, but this is the best way.


Use to build you site. Email me for Blog Profits Blueprint.

Ask me to interview you, we’ll put it on and on my site.

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