Innovation is a Necessity

Innovation – Inspiration – Implementation


It may seem to some that innovation is more of a luxury than a necessity. According to a recent Sage study, more than a third of small businesses advise that they are too swamped to spend time and effort focusing on new ideas. However, in today’s constantly changing business environment, you can’t afford to only do what you’ve always done. You and your organization need to embrace the fact that change is vital for your company to thrive.
If you are not changing, you are falling behind, since there’s one thing you can be certain of: the world you’re operating in is in a state of constant change, from what your customers need and expect to how your competitors are responding to the ever-changing landscape of the realities of business life.
Don’t forget what motivated you to get where you are. It takes forward-thinking to grow a business, and innovation is as important today as when you started out. From products and services to marketing, sales, and support, you may have to change the way you approach all parts of your business.
Remember your motivation for getting to where you are today. Forward-thinking is as necessary to grow your business, and innovation is as needed today as when you first created your business. From products and services to marketing, sales, and support, you may have to change the way you approach all parts of the business.
Follow these five tips to help inspire transformation within your organization:

1. Stay current.

Read relevant books and publications to keep up with the most current trends in your industry and quickly adapt to changing business realities. For example, learning about the power of mobile and social media can help you discover new opportunities to interact with customers.
2. Be Engaged
Do not miss opportunities to learn and grow by visiting your customers. Plan to attend workshops and conferences, and participating in online communities that relate to your industry. Attending events and interacting with your fellow entrepreneurs, who share similar interests, goals, and challenges, will give assist you in gaining the insight, motivation and confidence to implement new approaches. It will also provide a valuable forum for identifying how and what may need to change.

3. Open the doors to collaboration
Create a culture that empowers peer group, associates and partners to share their ideas. By encouraging everyone to participate in innovation, you’ll inspire creativity and possibly tap into creativity you didn’t realize was there. And when the next “big” idea comes along, go for it and begin building on it immediately. There’s no time like the present.
4. Communicate with your customers.
There’s no one better to listen to than your customers. Take their feedback seriously. Ask them how you can improve and let them know their opinions matter. Use tools like Instagram, Facebook, mobile apps, and Survey Monkey to build relationships,
5. Focus on creativity.
The days of cubicles and clock punching are long past. Today’s business environment needs to inspire creativity and thinking outside of the box. Consider creating “thinking time” or “creative time” that’s separate from “production time.” You can’t really be creative or innovative if you don’t set specific time aside dedicated for it.